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As her famous father once did, Julie has shared the platform with greats like General Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, President George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Dr. Robert Schuller, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz, Steve Forbes, Sarah Palin, Goldie Hawn, Bill Crosby and many others. Julie’s client list includes Fortune 500 Companies, Non-profits, Network Marketing Firms, Christian Women’s Ministries, Pregnancy Centers, Pregnancy Center Fundraising Gala's, Foundations and Associations.

Zig Ziglar, the icon of motivational speaking, did not allow negative words to be used by his children. They woke up to an “opportunity clock,” they had “strong ends,” not weekends, and though they had many “warms,” they never had a cold. Even that seemingly small early influence greatly impacted how Julie Ziglar Norman relates to everything. Her father taught her that it’s the little things that add up to make the bigger picture of who a person truly is.

Topics Include:

  • What it means to be the “right kind” of person

  • How to enlist the character trait that made Zig Ziglar a hero to so many

  • How to stand up and take charge when life seems out of control

  • How to do your best and let go of the rest

  • How to happily live life on life’s terms

  • How to identify your purpose

  • How to commit in advance and recognize opportunity

  • How to forgive and move ahead

  • How to embrace your struggles

  • Uncommon confidence and how to get it

  • Laser focus and action – two steps to achievement

  • Encouragement – the missing ingredient in too many lives

"When the tidal wave of change comes, don't fight the current, start looking for a surfboard."

 - Julie Ziglar Norman